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Saverio Tommasi's aim is to favour true communication and sharing among peoples, so as to build together the foundations of a world with more justice and less war, where every woman and every man can express their own potential within a self–determined and "pleasant" life project.
Our theatre productions and videos are part of this mission, and so is the overall approach adopted by Cabina Teatrale, with its free debates, conferences, exhibitions and books.

And an important aspect of our desire to share knowledge and information is the determination to make Saverio Tommasi.it available in as many languages as possible.

In addition to Italian, at the moment we are able to offer at least some parts of the site in professional translations into French and English.

Saverio Tommasi is committed above all to freedom of information and non-paying access to knowledge. This site is not so much a shop-window for his own theatre work as an instrument for discovering and sharing thoughts and projects, data and information, in order to build a better world.

Good evening to everybody, my name is Saverio Tommasi.
I hope you forgive me for my bad english.
I decided to translate some parts of this website in english because I believe in the importance of free information even outside the borders of my nation, Italy.
I am an actor, and this is my profession. But much more than this I am a citizen that believe it is possible to build a better world, without walls and borders, but with love.
That's why I write shows and books and make enquiry and information videos.
On www.saveriotommasi.it you will find many informations, some yet in english and some that will be translated soon.
Everything I earn with this activity I use it to build something useful for my neighbor. I am happy to partecipate, with a little brick, to the creation of a big house for every world inhabitant. A house where peace and justice will rule.
That's why I asked to my friends, that shares my passion for rights and solidarity, to help me translate this website in english. Because it is right that the biggest number of information, contained in this webspace, can be accessible to the highest number of people.
I did it because I feel I am citizen of the world. I am your brother.
W the information, W the theatre, W the freedom! W the peace!
A beloved salute from Saverio Tommasi.

Traduzione a cura di Marco Landi