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Short Artistic Curriculum

Saverio Tommasi is a professional actor, director and the leading light of the Saverio Tommasi Theatre Company.
After graduating in far off 1998 from the well known Bologna theatre academy "Accademia d'Arte Drammatica dell'Antoniano", he collaborated for several years with various of the most important new generation of Italian directors.
2003 marked a breakthrough, thanks to the success of his first book, a mainly comic work published by Comicus Editore.

In 2004, along with some of his closest collaborators, he founded his own theatre company, creating the cultural association "Compagnia Teatrale Saverio Tommasi", with whom he continues to this day touring the length and breadth of Italy and offering a repertory of children's theatre mixed with social awareness theatre for adults.

Since 2005 he has been the owner and artistic director of Cabina Teatrale, a multipurpose artistic space in Florence.

He writes the scripts for the company's performances, including specially commissioned texts for special occasions.
For years Saverio Tommasi has been committed to spreading social awareness and shared information through various artistic forms ranging from theatre performances to videos.
In a project of his own initiative, Saverio Tommasi played his part in the 2006 Italian general election campaign with a limited series of satirical cartoons in the shape of postage stamps. The title of this project was Satira e/è Libertà (Satire and/is Freedom).
The company's methods tend to combine comedy with current affairs, laughter with thoughtfulness: the aim is to inform and increase awareness, encouraging participation with new and original artistic and theatrical forms. In this context, the Cabina Teatrale and Artisticamente Pacifici (Artistically Pacific), among others, offer many different activities, with videos written, produced and performed by Saverio Tommasi.

The official website is: www.saveriotommasi.it