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"Poor" Cioni

Saverio Tommasi was the ideator of the protest, collaborating with the Assemlea Autoconvocata and the Associazione Aurora, to protest against the measure of the assessor Grazio Cioni which forbids mendicants to beg sitting or laying on the ground because it would be a hindrance to the "pedestrian traffic" and make the city "indecorous".

Saverio Tommasi, in the video, talks to the assessor Cioni, deciding, as a last form of protest, to lay at the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio with Andrea Fornari.

You will see that during the quarrel with the assessor Graziano Cioni a reference will be made to the use, by the assessor himself, of "blind" people as a sword of Damocles to hit the wageless people (mendicants), since the measure has been put into force after a girl tripped over the body of a so-called mendicant; this episode was exploited by the assessor to justifyhis measure in front of the public opinion.

We believe that Florence can be defined "decorous", to use the same word used by the supporters of this measure, if it succeeds in eradicating poverty instead of poor people, helping them to find a way out from the marginalized condition in which they have been relegated.

Press book of the performance "Poor" Cioni, 8th May 2008:

Traduzione a cura di Stefano Chiappetta