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A dinghy on the sea in Michelangelo square

From the 22nd to the 29th of July Saverio Tommasi has lived on a dinghy, fastening, drinking only water, in the middle of Michelangelo square, artistic and social heart of Florence, performing an imaginary voyage from Libya to Lampedusa.
During this adventure Tommasi has travelled with many friends.
Over thirty Florentine associations have cheered up the afternoons and the evenings with more than ten debates, videos and meetings.

The demonstration, which has been a sort of protest/proposal, was organised and run, apart from Saverio Tommasi, by: Mercedes Frias, Ornella De Zordo, Lisa Clarkm don Alessandro Santoro, don Andrea Bigalli, Marco Bazzichi, Marco Romoli, Antonio Berti e Tommaso Fattori.

Take a look at the photographs: Saverio Tommasi fastening one week on a dinghy to show a voyage from Libya to Lampedusa, demonstrating for the safeguard of rights and against all types of cages.

Watch the videos:

Traduzione a cura di Stefano Chiappetta