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Saverio Tommasi

Mobile phone 339.10.96.696

E-mail: info@saveriotommasi.it

Theatre is not about representation, it's about expression and communication: people meeting each other, talking together and having discussions. The theatre is a non-place where knowledge is shared and where participation is a fact and not a theory.
I believe in a time and place where theatre can become a workshop for reflections about reality, a factory for assembling and sharing ordinary and extraordinary experiences, a performance where everyone has a leading role, an extremely difficult (and extremely beautiful) show that could be entitled "a democratic exercise".
Theatre is a pacific revolution, which is why Goering the Nazi used to say "when I hear the word culture, my hand goes straight to my pistol."
Real theatre is hardly ever a matter of a stage and an audience. It's a struggle but also an encounter: theatre is at least two people, theatre is us, now.

Saverio Tommasi