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Description of a Theatre Company

The Saverio Tommasi Theatre Company Association was founded in Florence in faraway January 2004. The founder, actor Saverio Tommasi, set out to assemble a group of people who believe in the theatre as a primary cultural tool for reaching the kind of personal awareness and freedom that works to improve cities and towns by improving communication and extending the benefits of knowledge through closer and more intense interpersonal exchange.

Saverio Tommasi is not only an actor, but also a stage director and interpreter of texts, and practically from the beginning he succeeded in bringing a professional quality to the company that quickly led to it touring all over Italy, alternating shows for children and families with shows for adults.

Driven by its belief in cultural and theatrical growth, the company's work features extremely lively children's productions that combine deeply rooted knowledge of the art of clowning (mime, music, acrobatics, the technique of gags) with that of conjuring (comic magic). But the productions for grown-ups are no less important: cabaret, satire and comedy, and above all spoken and narrated theatre on civic and social themes.
At present its productions are only available in Italian: Theatre Productions.

The aim of Saverio Tommasi's Theatre Company is to spread theatrical and social culture through the entertaining use of the intelligent smile. The conference-shows conceived and performed exclusively for schools are an important aspect of this desire: they are exciting and amusing experiences that tell a smiling story while teaching the art of life.

The road is long and - as they always say in these cases - winding. But Saverio Tommasi has set off on the journey and has already gone a long way: our shoes are comfortable and our flasks well filled... we want to change the world by smiling.

Saverio Tommasi's Theatre Company includes:

  • Daniela Amadori (administration and accounts)
  • Beatrice Maurri (scenery, props and press office)
  • Elsa Sernesi (costumes)
  • Saverio Tommasi (director, actor and general organiser)

The Saverio Tommasi Theatre Company, particularly in the person of Saverio Tommasi, is the artistic director of the Cabina Teatrale, or Theatre Cabin, an alternative and extremely lively theatrical and artistic space.

Mission possible

"We want bread and roses"... but also culture, information, theatre.

A civilised country is built on a foundation of art and culture: to ignore them is to abdicate from the responsibility of building a truly civilised, democratic and participant nation.

We are not asking for "renovation" but for "innovation", a sense of responsibility, awareness and joy as we try to make our contribution to a new Renaissance that has its foundations in people. We want flowers and books, we want full theatres and museums. We appeal to everyone to abandon the base quest for "earnings". Let's take an example: theatres and other cultural events in Italy teem with "famous names"; we appreciate "famous names" only when their fame is based on their artistic qualities; we've had enough of big brothers, showgirls-and-boys, gossip-VIPs and the like... they're not funny, they don't help anyone's growth and they cost taxpayers a lot of money, while favouring a social and cultural impoverishment that is the exact opposite of what we are aiming for.

We want to contribute to the kind of moral, intellectual and social development that allows people to enjoy "what is beautiful" rather than "what is superfluous".

"Bread" is necessary to survive, "Theatre" is necessary to make life meaningful: it enables us to share feelings and sensations, and obliges us to reflect (even when the performance is not "serious and dramatic").

Being Italian, we could at this point wish you, and ourselves, "in bocca al lupo" ("into the wolf's mouth"), but we're also travelling players fond of poking fun (and besides, there's a whole pack of wolves out there doing their best to make a meal of us), so we prefer to finish more brazenly with the alternative national theatrical expression: "In culo alla balena!", that's to say "Up the whale's arse!".

Compagnia Teatrale Saverio Tommasi